X-Men: Apocalypse Super Bowl Trailer


By James Hancock February 7th, 2016

The barrage of Super Bowl TV spots continues with some new footage from X-Men: Apocalypse. I’m pretty excited for this movie but I’m still waiting for a trailer that kicks my anticipation into overdrive. So far it has not happened. Is it me or do the special effects appear as if they’re only half-finished in spite of there only being only 3 months until the release date? I hope these effects are not already locked because so many feel like a first pass at best. That said, I thought Bryan Singer did a brilliant job with his previous film in the franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), so he has a lot of credit in the bank with me when it comes to this fictional universe. At the very least, we had a chance to see Olivia Munn in action as Psylocke, a character I have loved since the days even before her transformation into the assassin we see in the film. I’m cautiously optimistic but crossing my fingers that we see an epic trailer between now and May 27th.

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