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WR488 – Last Stands of Western Icons

Artist David Lambert returns to discuss the final westerns starring several icons of the western genre:… View Post

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WR487 – Paul Murphy & the Top 5 Scores by Danny Elfman

Filmmaker and editor Paul Murphy (host of Screen Psychics) returns to discuss the career of… View Post

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WR486 – The Music Videos of David Fincher

Leanne Kubicz makes her return to discuss David Fincher’s extraordinary career directing music videos for… View Post

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WR485 – A Bunch of Guys on a Mission

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) returns to celebrate some classics from the action-packed subgenre… View Post

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WR484 – Edie Sedgwick and Her 15 Minutes

Erik Bartlam returns to discuss the tragically short life of actress and model Edie Sedgwick… View Post

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WR483 – Talking Eastern European Folklore & Fantasy

Martin Kessler (Flixwise Canada) returns to discuss some of his favorite Eastern European folklore and… View Post

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WR482 – Six Chicks with Picks

Jonathan Laubinger (host of Film Baby Film) returns to celebrate one of his favorite horror movies, ‘The… View Post

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