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WR529 – Django’s Bastards

The international success of Sergio Corbucci’s ‘Django’ (1966) spawned 85 unofficial sequels and rip-offs. David… View Post

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WR528 – Comedy in the Time of Covid

Wrong Reel co-founder Mikhail Karadimov returns with Lee Johnson to discuss their new comedy special… View Post

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WR527 – From Republic to Empire – A Look Back at HBO’s ‘Rome’

Writer Victor H. Rodriguez (‘The Sound of Fear’) returns for a flashback review of the… View Post

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WR526 – My Dinner with Matthias and Bill

Filmmaker Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It‘ podcast) and Matthias van der… View Post

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WR525 – 25th Anniversary Double Feature: Casino & Heat

Producer Robert Cotto and Marcus Pinn (Creator of Pinnland Empire and co-host of Zebras in America) return to celebrate… View Post

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For our 2nd Halloween special of 2020, Adam Rackoff and Moose Matson return to the… View Post

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WR523 – The Macabre Dynasty of Hammer Horror

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) is back to discuss his favorite movies produced during… View Post

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