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WR495 – Abbott and Costello Meet Brian Saur

Brian Saur (Rupert Pupkin Speaks, Just the Discs Podcast, & co-host of Pure Cinema Pod) makes his… View Post

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WR494 – “The Most Incredible Thing About My Career is That I Had One.” Preston Sturges

Jonathan Laubinger (host of Film Baby Film) returns for a deep dive into the meteoric rise… View Post

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WR493 – Do You Have Anything to Say Before We Find You Guilty?”

Artist David Lambert returns for another western roundup where we discuss the films featuring the Law… View Post

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WR492 – Osamu Dezaki Double Feature

Producer Adam Rackoff returns to discuss a dynamite double feature of Japanese animation, ‘Space Adventure… View Post

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WR491 – Naughty Nineties Nostalgia – Part I

Filmmaker Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It‘ podcast) returns from across the… View Post

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WR490 – The Best of 2019

Producer Robert Cotto and Marcus Pinn (Creator of Pinnland Empire and co-host of Zebras in America) return to count… View Post

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WR489 – Victor Rodriguez & His Top 10 Favorite Lovecraft Adaptations

Writer Victor H. Rodriguez (‘The Sound of Fear’) returns to discuss his top 10 favorite… View Post

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