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WR410 – The Three Dragons

Illustrator Tony Stella returns to discuss Hong Kong’s Golden Age of Action Cinema, an era where… View Post

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WR409 – 1994…A Seminal Year in the History of Movies

The notorious duo of Chico Leo (host of the upcoming Sword and Scandal Podcast) and… View Post

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WR408 – Get Your Hydrogen Peroxide Ready, We’re Talking ‘Roar’ (1981)

S.A. Bradley (host of Hellbent for Horror) and filmmaker Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t… View Post

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WR407 – Fast Eddie Felson

Author Fred Schaefer joins us to discuss Paul Newman’s classic role of “Fast Eddie” Felson featured… View Post

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WR406 – ‘Two Women’ (1960)

We welcome Judy Cohen (from https://www.liconoscevobene.net) to discuss Vittorio De Sica’s ‘Two Women’ (1960) starring… View Post

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WR405 – Comic Con 2018

In what is rapidly becoming an annual tradition, Becky D’Anna returns to help us break… View Post

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WR404 – 20 Years of ‘Blade’

With the 20th anniversary of ‘Blade’ right around the corner, we welcome Martin Kessler from… View Post

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