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WR649 – Gone to Texas: The Outlaw Josey Wales and the Story of Asa ‘Earl’ Carter

Just in time for Clint Eastwood’s birthday, David Lambert is back on the show to… View Post

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WR648 – The Vivacious Films of Josephine Baker

Martin Kessler is back to celebrate the career of one of the true icons of… View Post

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WR647 – Zappa Double Feature with Dan Pullen

Dan Pullen makes his return to discuss two fantastic films about Frank Zappa: ‘Eat That… View Post

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WR646 – The Westerns of Gregory Peck & Henry King

David Lambert is back in the saddle for a discussion about the upcoming movie adaptation… View Post

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WR645 – Jacques Rivette and ‘The Beautiful Troublemaker’ aka ‘La Belle Noiseuse’ (1991)

Joseph Ferguson is back on the show to discuss the career of Jacques Rivette and… View Post

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WR644 – Atom Egoyan Triple Feature with Jerry Nadarajah

In an appearance that is long overdue, Jerry Nadarajah joins us for a discussion about… View Post

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WR643 – Film Noir Double Feature with Felicia Maroni

Felicia Maroni joins us for the first time for a film noir double feature: ‘Angel… View Post

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