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WR557 – Once Upon a Time in the West

On this very special episode of Wrong Reel we unite artists Tony Stella and David… View Post

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WR556 – Getting Darker and Darker – David Goodis’s Descent Into Hell

Simon O’Neill is back on the show to celebrate the sizzling crime fiction of David… View Post

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WR555 – Jean Cocteau and The Orphic Trilogy

For the first time we have Dave Eves and Marcus Pinn on the same episode for… View Post

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WR554 – Farty Towels, Flowery Twats & Fawlty Towers

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) is back to celebrate what is regarded by… View Post

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WR553 – Andrew Hawkins & ‘In Search of Tomorrow’

Andrew Hawkins joins us to discuss the latest developments & crowdfunding campaign for the upcoming… View Post

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WR552 – Rocking Out with Erik Bartlam – Part II

Erik Bartlam is back in action to discuss punk rock in cinema with a double… View Post

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WR551 – Todd Melby & The Untold Story of the Making of ‘Fargo’

We welcome author and journalist Todd Melby to discuss his new book ‘A Lot Can… View Post

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