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WR478 – Going Berserk Over Kentaro Miura’s ‘Berserk’

We welcome writer Victor H. Rodriguez for a deep dive into Kentaro Miura’s legendary manga… View Post

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WR477 – ‘Betty Blue’ (1986) and Embracing Sex in Cinema

Put the kids to bed for this one because artist and photographer Terry Osterhout is… View Post

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WR476 – Bill Scurry and ‘The Bounty’

Filmmaker Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It‘ podcast) returns to discuss the… View Post

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WR475 – The Music Videos of PTA

In honor of the release of ‘Anima’ on Netflix, Carlo Pangalangan Labrador and Wrong Reel… View Post

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WR474 – Ray Harryhausen – Creator of Titans

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) returns to break down the career of one of… View Post

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WR473 – King Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World

Steve Amos (film89.co.uk) makes his return to discuss the 8th wonder of the world, the legendary… View Post

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WR472 – The Horror of Amando de Ossorio

Mackenzie Lambert returns to explore the career of Spanish horror director, Amando de Ossorio. Mack… View Post

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