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WR623 – “The Only Way to Get Rid of Temptation is to Yield to It.” – The Picture of Dorian Gray

Simon O’Neill makes his return to discuss two of the best movie adaptations of ‘The… View Post

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WR622 – Orson Welles & William Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’

After far too long an absence, Joseph Ferguson returns for another discussion about Orson Welles… View Post

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WR621 – ‘Stand By Me’ (1986) – Best Stephen King Adaptation Ever?

Kevin Maher returns to discuss his new Christmas book ‘Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help’ before… View Post

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WR620 – Flesh+Blood+Paul Verhoeven = A Classic

Martin Kessler is back in action making the case for one of his personal favorites… View Post

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WR619 – ‘Howling’ with Delight at ‘A Womb with a View’

Paul Murphy is back for another deep dive into Aussie Cinema and Ozploitation with a… View Post

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WR618 – The Tramp – Part II (‘The Kid’ to ‘Modern Times’)

Steven Saunders makes his return for Part II of our deep dive into the career… View Post

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WR617 – 60th New York Film Festival – Recap

Producer Robert Cotto and Marcus Pinn (Creator of Pinnland Empire and co-host of Zebras in… View Post

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