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WR602 – Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Strange Occurrence Out at Fort Courage’

The deranged duo of Dion Baia and Moose Matson join us for a behind-the-scenes look… View Post

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WR601 – Savage Animation Double Feature

Jacob Calta (A Fistful of Film, 365 Infantry, Quality Candor) joins us for the first… View Post

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WR600 – An Epic Film for an Epic Episode: ‘Ilya Muromets’ (1956)

For our 600th episode, we unite the mad geniuses Martin Kessler and Tony Stella to… View Post

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WR599 – The Lonely Places of Dorothy B. Hughes

Simon O’Neill is back to discuss the hardboiled fiction of Dorothy B. Hughes and the… View Post

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WR598 – F*#$ Me Gently With a Chainsaw – A Look Back at ‘Heathers’

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re going to Prom or to Hell, this is the… View Post

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WR597 – Strange Occurrence Out at Fort Courage

From the minds of Dion Baia and Moose Matson comes ‘Strange Occurrence Out at Fort… View Post

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WR596 – The Music of Lalo Schifrin

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) is back to count down his favorite film… View Post

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