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WR346 – Swimming Home with Flixwise Canada

Filmmaker Martin Kessler (host of Flixwise Canada) joins us to discuss Frank Perry’s enigmatic classic… View Post

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WR345 – The Pink Smoke and the Great Heyday of Swashbuckler Movies

John Cribbs & Christopher Funderburg (The Pink Smoke) join us to discuss the glory days… View Post

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WR344 – Locke & Eastwood

Matthias van der Roest (contributor to Film Inquiry) returns to discuss the relationship between Sondra… View Post

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WR343 – Getting Re-Animated for the Films of Stuart Gordon

Andy Webb joins us to discuss the cult classics created by director Stuart Gordon (‘Re-Animator’,… View Post

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WR342 – A Tribute to Sidney Lumet with Filmwax Radio

Adam Schartoff (the host of Filmwax Radio) joins Robert Cotto and Marcus Pinn (Creator of Pinnland Empire and… View Post

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WR341 – 1971 – The Best Year in the History of Movies

We welcome back Chico Leo (The Scream Squad) and Jeremy Workman (documentary filmmaker & Creative… View Post

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WR340 – ‘Justice League’ Review and the Future of the DCEU

DC superfan Chuck R Mystery returns to review ‘Justice League’ and to discuss the future of… View Post

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