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WR613 – ‘Savage Realms’ and the Legacy of ‘Highlander’ (1986)

Moose Matson and Victor Rodriguez join author William Miller (Jake Noble Series) to discuss his… View Post

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WR612 – Slack Motherf*ckers

Erik Bartlam returns to discuss a double feature of movies that defines the slackers of… View Post

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WR611 – Greek Mythology Double Feature

Melanie Daniels (Cohost/Producer for Cinema Parlor and Host of The Wishing Well) joins us to present… View Post

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WR610 – Five Fantasy Freaks Slain By ‘Dragonslayer’ (1981)

In lieu of their Monday night game of Dungeons & Dragons, five fantasy freaks get… View Post

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WR609 – Talking ‘Amsterdamned’ (1988) with the Boys from Amsterdam

Filmmaker Bill Scurry (co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It‘ podcast) and Matthias van der… View Post

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WR608 – ‘Vera Cruz’: Godfather of the Spaghetti Western

David Lambert returns to discuss Robert Aldrich’s classic western ‘Vera Cruz’ (1954), which played a… View Post

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WR607 – Masters of Make-Up Effects

We are joined by Oscar-winning Special Effects Make-Up Artist Howard Berger & his co-author Marshall… View Post

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