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WR632 – Wrong Reel Q&A (The Unrated Version)

This episode James Hancock takes questions from the Wrong Reel Inner Circle forcing him to… View Post

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WR631 – ‘Payday’ (1973) – Rip Torn’s Finest Hour

Victor Rodriguez returns to celebrate one of the great cult classics of the Seventies, ‘Payday’… View Post

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WR630 – Max Ophüls – Part I

Martin Kessler is back for part I in our coverage of the best films directed… View Post

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WR629 – More Men-On-A-Mission Movies with Stephen Simpson

Stephen Simpson (co-host of Pop Culture Gamers) returns to continue of our discussion about WWII… View Post

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WR628 – Naughty Nineties Nostalgia – Part IV

Part IV in the sauciest series of podcasts in movie history. #Sponsored Use Promo Code… View Post

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WR627 – The Best of 2022

Happy New Year to all of our Wrong Reel family! We’re starting the year with… View Post

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WR626 – ‘3 Godfathers’ (No, Not Those Ones)

David Lambert is back to discuss the many movie adaptations of Peter B. Kyne’s novel… View Post

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