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WR438 – Sergio Leone’s ‘Once Upon a Time in America’

Rob Cotto returns to discuss the troubled production history of what would become one of… View Post

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WR437 – The Dave Eves Guide to a World Without Filmstruck

To help us adjust to a world without Filmstruck, Dave Eves joins us for a… View Post

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WR436 – The Many Lives of Billy the Kid

Artist David Lambert joins us for a discussion about the best movies from the 1930s… View Post

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WR435 – Dion Baia’s ‘Blood in the Streets’

Dion Baia (co-host Saturday Night Movie Sleepovers) joins us to discuss his new novel Blood in… View Post

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WR434 – The Films of Michael Haneke . . . Brace Yourself

Leanne Kubicz and Marcus Pinn (Creator of Pinnland Empire and co-host of Zebras in America) return to… View Post

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WR433 – Jeremy Workman’s ‘The World Before Your Feet’

Filmmaker Jeremy Workman returns to the podcast to discuss the upcoming release of his fantastic… View Post

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WR432 – Ip Man

Martin Kessler from Flixwise Canada makes his return for a side by side comparison of two very… View Post

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