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WR639 – ‘Gummo’ (1997) – Still the Worst Date Movie Ever Made

We are joined by Marcus Pinn and Bradley Kornish to discuss Harmony Korine’s debut feature… View Post

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WR638 – Pre-Code Hollywood Part V

Amanda Krafcik is back on the show for some more Pre-Code mayhem discussing Betty Boop,… View Post

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WR637 – ‘Comic Book Confidential’ (1988) & the First 50 Years of Comics

After far too long an absence, Chico Leo returns to discuss the first 50 years… View Post

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WR636 – Of Vice & Men – Sharky’s Machine (1981)

Simon O’Neill is back on the show to talk about the directing efforts of Burt… View Post

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WR635 – Jules Dassin, Film Noir & The Hollywood Blacklist

Director Robert O’Meara returns to discuss the brilliant crime films of Jules Dassin and what… View Post

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WR634 – From the Files of Police Squad!

Adam Rackoff joins us to have a laugh discussing the work of comedy legends Zucker,… View Post

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WR633 – Winchester ’73 and the Cinema of Anthony Mann

David Lambert returns to tackle one of his top 10 favorite westerns, ‘Winchester ’73’ (1950),… View Post

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