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WR608 – ‘Vera Cruz’ (1954): The Godfather of the Spaghetti Western

David Lambert returns to discuss Robert Aldrich’s classic western ‘Vera Cruz’ (1954), which played a… View Post

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WR607 – Masters of Make-Up Effects

We are joined by Oscar-winning Special Effects Make-Up Artist Howard Berger & his co-author Marshall… View Post

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WR606 – San Diego Comic Con 2022 – Recap with Becky D’Anna

Becky D’Anna is back in action to offer a full report about her experiences at… View Post

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WR605 – Junji Ito – Master of Horror

Victor Rodriguez makes his return to the walk us through some of the best works… View Post

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WR604 – Martin Scorsese & ‘The Last Waltz’ (1978)

Robert Cotto returns to drink a little Irish whiskey and celebrate the greatness of Martin… View Post

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WR603 – How Would Lubitsch Do It? – Part 1

We’re joined by Jon Laubinger and Dave Eves for Part 1 of our comprehensive look… View Post

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WR602 – Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Strange Occurrence Out at Fort Courage’

The deranged duo of Dion Baia and Moose Matson join us for a behind-the-scenes look… View Post

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