Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl Trailer


By James Hancock February 7th, 2016

Is there any chance a lengthier version of this trailer is coming anytime soon? A mere 30 seconds of Marvel mayhem just seems needlessly cruel especially with so many great moments on screen that we had not seen before. During an epic face-off of the two opposing sides, we have the first shots of Ant-Man and Vision and who they have chosen to align themselves with. There’s also a nice violent exchange between Bucky and Tony Stark, armed only with one gauntlet from his suit. My favorite moment has to be seeing Bucky and Cap working as a team about to take on Iron Man. For me they are the dynamic duo of the Marvel Universe. Of all the big budget roller coasters coming our way this year, and that includes the amazing looking Suicide Squad, this movie has me the most fired up of them all. Enjoy.

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