‘The Witch’ Official Trailer


By James Hancock  January 12th, 2016

I was already on the hook after watching the brilliant first trailer to The Witch (written & directed by Robert Eggers) but this latest trailer has only fanned the flames of my enthusiasm. The Witch looks like it will be one of those rare original gems in the horror genre, a genre that I far too often find to be stale and derivative. Although I’ve always gotten along with bunnies and goats rather well, I fear The Witch will instill in me a deep fear of these ordinarily harmless creatures in perpetuity. As far as religious fanatics living in isolated environments are concerned, I was already wary of those kinds of folks and I’m assuming I will be doubling down on that paranoia after seeing this movie. Luckily for all of us the release date has been moved up February 19th. With Hail, Caesar! and Deadpool coming out that month, February will hopefully be getting the 2016 movie calendar off to a roaringly good start.

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