Suicide Squad – Blitz Trailer


By James Hancock April 10th, 2016

These trailers for Suicide Squad are the gifts that keep on giving. Here we are four months away from the release of the movie and Warner Bros has treated us to a brand spanking new trailer cut to the tune of ‘The Ballroom Blitz’. While not quite as cool in my opinion as the previous trailer, I still enjoyed the hell out of it. I love the idea of an ensemble cast of villains and murderers taking center stage and I’m sure Marvel is kicking themselves that they did not make a movie version of the Thunderbolts first, a team that is the basically the same concept in a lot of ways. While some overly sensitive types are going to whine inconsolably when they see one particularly tantalizing scene in this trailer starring the delightful Margot Robbie, the marketing guys at Warner clearly understand that the feature attraction here is Harley Quinn. She might end up being the most popular villain in any ongoing superhero franchise. The movie also looks as if it will piece together some fragments of her history with the Joker, their encounters with everyone’s favorite Dark Knight of Gotham, and the events leading up to Harley Quinn’s metamorphosis into the wrecking machine we all know and love. I’m all for it. My heart and soul may be married to Marvel but I am ready to commit a serious infidelity when this film is released.

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