Doctor Strange – Teaser


By James Hancock April 12th, 2016

Just had my first taste of director Scott Derrickson’s take on Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme aka Master of the Mystic Arts aka Dr. Stephen Strange. As a bit of a Marvel purist, I love the shots of him after the accident that leave his hands with permanent nerve damage. Steve Ditko, the creator of the character who is now 88 years old, should be proud to see his origin story intact. As far as the magic is concerned, Marvel is definitely venturing into unknown territory with this one. There is a bit of an Inception (2010) vibe to the look of the reality bending powers at play. We also have one of my favorite actresses working today, Tilda Swinton, swapping the gender of the Ancient One to play Strange’s teacher. Apart from a glorious final shot of Strange in what appears to be his Sanctum Sanctorum, we don’t have a lot of footage of Cumberbatch in action once he gains his abilities, but there is enough of a tease here to have me intrigued. I desperately want the supernatural side of the MCU to thrive. There is so much untapped potential and if this movie succeeds, the MCU could be getting a hell of a lot weirder in all kinds of delicious ways in the years to come. Make Mine Marvel.

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