The Loneliest Stoplight – Opens Today


By James Hancock  January 28th, 2016

For the last five years I’ve lived only a few blocks away from the IFC Center in downtown Manhattan, one of the best independent movie theaters in New York as well as the host for some of the most astonishing midnight movie screenings imaginable. It is has been a dream of mine during that time that I would one day have a film play there. Well today is that day. As part of a compilation of films being released nationwide by Shorts International, The Loneliest Stoplight opens today at the IFC Center alongside several brilliant animated films included the Oscar-nominated World of Tomorrow by Don Hertzfeldt. The Loneliest Stoplight stars Patton Oswalt and is the latest short film by animator Bill Plympton, an indie icon who has dozens of animated shorts to his name alongside his feature films like his recent Cheatin’ (available on iTunes) which I was also proud to be a part of. Last year, my producing partner Adam Rackoff and I created Rackoff/Hancock Animated Productions and we are proud to present The Loneliest Stoplight as our first project. So if you are in the New York area I’m including a link to showtimes below, but you can also find more information about showtimes in your area at the Shorts HD official site.

Showtimes at IFC Center

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