The Loneliest Stoplight – Playing at the Nuart Theatre


By James Hancock  August 21st, 2015

When I’m not ranting and raving about movies on this site, I have the good fortune of getting to work with one of the legends of indie animation, Bill Plympton. When we wrapped on Plympton’s recent feature film Cheatin’, my fellow executive producer Adam Rackoff and I decided to form a company called Rackoff/Hancock Animated Productions with the goal of producing more animated work with Bill. Less than a year later, we are releasing our first short film, The Loneliest Stoplight narrated by the king of comedy, Patton Oswalt. While we are still submitting to festivals and making plans for our online release later this year, The Loneliest Stoplight starts today at one of my favorite theaters in Los Angeles, the Nuart Theatre (buy tickets here). I used to live close by to the Nuart so I basically lived at that theater as well and discovered countless amazing films there for the first time such as the beautiful restoration of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (1968). It is only fitting to return to that theater with our own contribution to the world of animation. For the next week, our short will be playing in front of the new film Station to Station (through Thursday 8/27). So if you live in the Los Angeles area, please tell your friends about the new collaboration between Bill Plympton and Patton Oswalt and we look forward to sharing the film with you online later this year.

A small sample of the film can be seen at

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