WR600 – An Epic Film for an Epic Episode: ‘Ilya Muromets’ (1956)

‘The Cask of Amontillado’ by Edgar Allan Poe

‘The Outsider’ by H.P. Lovecraft – Read by Victor Rodriguez

WR557 – Once Upon a Time in the West

WR507 – The Golden Age of the Ninja

WR446 – Getting Felliniesque with Tony Stella

WR366 – Akira Kurosawa and the Bushido Code

WR335 – Talking Japanese Ghost Stories with Tony Stella

WR306 – Getting Medieval with Tony Stella – Part II

New Wrong Reel Poster by Tony Stella


By James Hancock August 7th, 2017 I just wanted to show off Tony Stella’s fantastic new poster… View Post

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