Star Trek Beyond – Trailer #2


By James Hancock May 21st, 2016

That sound you are hearing is a giant, collective sigh of relief from just about every Star Trek fan on the planet. In what has to be one of the most surprising and welcome course corrections from a debut trailer I have ever seen, the new trailer to Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond now has me legitimately excited to see the film. I have no idea how strong the film will be compared to J.J. Abrams’s excellent 2009 reboot, but at least the movie looks, feels and sounds like a Star Trek movie. For me the most important detail to get right with any Star Trek film is the chemistry between Kirk, Spock and Bones and this trailer has no shortage of excellent character beats on that front. With a good solid two months to work with to promote the film, my hope is that there is enough time to undo the damage that was done with the first trailer that has been leaving a bad taste in so many mouths for the last 5 months online. So for now, enjoy this very solid new trailer for Star Trek Beyond. Live long and prosper.

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