WR056 – A Pickpocket vs the Reds in ‘Pickup on South Street’ (1953)


This episode we welcome guest host and friend of the show Aaron West from criterionblues.com. We discuss Samuel Fuller’s classic film noir ‘Pickup on South Street’ (1953) which was recently restored and rereleased at the New York Film Forum.

00:00 – 22:18 – Introduction/News

22:19 – 55:19 – ‘Pickup on South Street’ (1953)

55:20 – 1:03:29 – Closing Remarks/Blooper

For additional reading on Samuel Fuller, read our post ‘A Film is Like a Battleground’.

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Sam Fuller in 1930 working as a crime reporter.

Sam Fuller in 1930 working as a crime reporter.


Samuel Fuller in 1971

Samuel Fuller describing J. Edgar Hoover’s objections to ‘Pickup on South Street’:

French documentary about ‘Pickup on South Street’:

Great documentary about Samuel Fuller’s career featuring Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch and Martin Scorsese:

Richard Linklater introducing Samuel’s Fuller’s controversial film ‘White Dog’ (1982):

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