WR039 – Time to “Get Hard” for Will Ferrell

Get Hard

Will Ferrell’s latest outing “Get Hard” (directed by Etan Cohen) might not be his strongest vehicle but we used the film as an excuse to dig into the career highlights of one of the greatest comedic performers of his generation. Kevin Hart manages to shine in the movie as well, but we’re all hoping he and Ferrell get hooked up with better material in the future.

00:00 – 23:07 – Introduction/News

23:08 – 53:57 – Will Ferrell’s Career

53:58 – 01:17:17 – Get Hard Review

01:17:18 – 01:24:30 – Closing Remarks/Blooper

While “Get Hard” might not have been Ferrell’s best work, there’s no denying the phenomenal body of work he’s accumulated since he first joined SNL in 1995. Here are some of our personal faves:


Astonishing News Team Fight from “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”


More Cowbell

I got a fever. And the only prescription. Is more cowbell.

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