‘Kung Fury’ Makes My Eyeballs Very Happy


By James Hancock  May 28, 2015

Imagine a concentrated mixture of your favorite games from ColecoVision, a brilliant guitar solo by an 80s hair band you can’t live without, some ninja movies a la ‘The Miami Connection’ (1987), Adolf Hitler, Thor, some hot vikings & David Hasselhoff, and now imagine injecting this magic draught of awesomeness straight into your eyeball until it explodes in ecstasy. You are getting close to the experience of watching David Sandberg’s new film ‘Kung Fury’, a movie that restores one’s faith in humanity’s ability not to take itself too seriously and deliver deliriously entertaining insanity for freaks like myself to enjoy. Until a few weeks ago, I was blissfully unaware this movie even existed. One of my Co-Hosts at Wrong Reel (Parker Dixon) showed me the trailer to this movie, a movie that is essentially a love song to everything I liked about growing up in the 1980s, minus everything I despised (see below).


I was blown away by the fact that the production company Laser Unicorns had managed to raise over $600,000 through Kickstarter. Unlike filmmakers like Zach Braff who threaten to kill crowdfunding outright by abusing the platform with narcissistic garbage he could easily pay for himself, this type of project is exactly what crowdfunding should be used for, highly original content that Hollywood would never fund under any circumstances. Explaining the plot is pointless. A few seconds of the trailer tells you all you need to know and if you like those few seconds, then you’ll adore ‘Kung Fury’. The film is online and free for everyone to enjoy. If there is any justice in the world, some eccentric billionaire will cut a check for $200,000,000 to these guys and just walk away letting them make an epic feature film with total autonomy. But for now, I am content to bathe in the warm glow of a movie that somehow captures everything I love about the strange decade in which I experienced my childhood. Enjoy:


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‘Kung Fury’ Screenshots