Monthly Archives: April 2015

WR050 – ‘Hyena’ Review & the Edge of the Abyss in Abel Ferrara’s ‘Bad Lieutenant’

WR049 – The Birth & Death of the 60s, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ & ‘Gimme Shelter’

WR048 – “Tangerines” Review and Overcoming Racism in “The Defiant Ones”

WR047 – “Clouds of Sils Maria” Review and “La Grande Bellezza” (2013)

WR046 – Old School Kung Fu Fest ’15: Enter the Ninjas!!

WR045 – ‘Revengeance’ – A Conversation with Bill Plympton About Crowdfunding His Next Animated Film

WR044 – ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5 Premiere & ‘A Man for All Seasons’ (1966)

WR043 – ‘Ex Machina’ Review and the Eroticism of Cyberpunk

WR042 – ‘Furious 7 ‘ Review and a Look Back at the Entire Franchise

WR041 – Cry ‘Havoc’, and Let Slip the Dogs of War