Episode Guide

WR589 – The Films of James Woods – A Conversation with Chris Wade

WR588 – Michael Mann – News Breakdown with Marcus Pinn

WR587 – Naughty Nineties Nostalgia – Part III

WR586 – Steve McQueen & ‘The Cincinnati Kid’ (1965)

WR585 – “You Are Who You Eat.” A Look Back at ‘Ravenous’ (1999)

WR584 – The Best of 2021

WR583 – Ozploitation Icon – An Interview with Brian Trenchard-Smith

WR582 – Getting into the Christmas Spirit with the 3 B’s and ‘Bad Santa’

WR581 – Killers, Whores & Egg Suckers in Prime Time: Sam Peckinpah’s The Westerner

WR580 – Samuel Fuller & The Big Red One