Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer


By James Hancock  December 3rd, 2015

The latest trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has dropped and all Hell is about to break loose both on the screen as well as online as the DC and Marvel partisans tear into one another over who they believe supports the better comic book cinematic universe. While I’m a Marvel fan to the core, I personally want every superhero flick to be a home run, one that future filmmakers have to surpass if the genre is to avoid stagnation. Whether or not this movie will be one of those game changers remains to be seen. Zack Snyder has an incredible eye and I enjoyed 300 thoroughly, but his movies have not been 100% reliable over the last ten years to put it mildly. I always enjoy the love/hate relationship between Supes and the Bat in the comics and this movie looks to deliver in a big way on that front. We also get a few shots of Doomsday, the creature who managed to kill Superman in the comics. Personally I find his look, particularly his face, to be a little underwhelming but I do enjoy seeing Wonder Woman arrive to save the day right as Doomsday tries to incinerate our beloved Dark Knight. I remain cautiously optimistic about this film but I have my fingers crossed that Warner Bros will release a mind-blowing new trailer before the film eventually lands in theaters this Spring.

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