Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer


By James Hancock February 11th, 2016

We now have the official final trailer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and to me it feels like it was designed with the sole purpose of undoing the damage done by the last trailer. The previous trailer gave us far more spoilers and there was a large percentage of superhero fans out there, specifically me, who were utterly unenthused by what they saw. After the dismal reaction to shots of Doomsday, this final version wisely returns the focus to the struggle between Batman and Superman leaving details like the appearance of Flash and Aquaman for the film’s release. I’m aware that there are some people who have loved the trailers thus far and are jumping out of their skin to see this movie, but I have to say that each of the trailers thus far seems to underline Zack Snyder’s shortcoming of style over substance. A clash between these two iconic characters should be the Thrilla in Manilla of superhero movies. As an adult in a state of emotional arrested development who has spent far too much time over the last few decades thinking about people in tights hitting each other, I am the natural audience for this movie but I’d be lying if I said I am excited at all. While I did not particularly care for Zack Snyder’s previous film Man of Steel, at least the trailers were awe inspiring and had me completely freaking out in anticipation of the movie. I hope I am dead wrong and that this movie magically sticks the landing upon release but my prediction is this movie will divide fans and be a box office disappointment at least in the eyes of Warner Bros. I don’t believe in superhero movie fatigue. I think that as long as the movies are good, audiences will see these movies in droves, but this trailer only reinforces my concern that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will unfortunately only provide ammunition to the critics of this genre that I genuinely love.

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